Islamic Credit Union of Canada

Please spare a few minutes to complete a critical survey by ICUC, a proposed Islamic Credit Union. The rationale behind this survey is to assess community support for a Muslim (Sharia-compliant) credit union in the GTA. There are currently no credit unions that have been established to operate solely upon the tenets of the Muslim …

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Youth Basketball Court Construction Fundraise

For the past few years the youth and Muslim community has found it very difficult to find a place to play as most courts are full with older players and the majority of the youth is around 8-19 years old. The idea arose to build their own private court right on the Masjid’s property! This …

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Quran Tafseer

Alhamdulillah we have resumed our weekly Quran Tafseer by Imam Sheikh Suleiman, every Saturday after Maghrib prayer. Currently we are in Surah Al-Imran. Everybody is invited to participate in this Masjid program, dinner is also served after the program.

Newswire – Week of Mar 7th, 2022

Donate towards Alamdaar Family Support Services → Fiqh articles submitted by Maalim Yusuf (The link will be updated with latest articles as we receive them) Disclaimer : SIJNY assumes no responsibility for articles or consequences resulting from the use of information or content of such information presented, including (but not limited to) errors or …

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